Installation notes: most of the files on this website are compressed. They need to be unzipped before usage.
Title Contributor Description Version Posted Download
FlashCord File Converter Joe Weaks This droplet allows you to convert text from an Accordance analysis result into a tab delimited file for use in a flashcard program or spreadsheet. Posted with permission, check out more details at Joe's blog site. Updated to work on Mac OS Monterey (Originally posted 10/17/12). 8 02/11/22
Open Accordance Links in Accordance Omar Schrock An Apple Service (via Automator) that automatically converts Accordance Universal links to Accordance specific URLs and opens them in Accordance. (Useful in Pages, Evernote, etc). 11 2/24/18 zip
Debian package for Accordance Markus Bastner A Debian package (.deb file) to install a patched WINE to allow you install Accordance in a Debian/Ubuntu environment 11.06 6/22/15 zip
"Verse Paster Extreme for MLV 2016" Don Garey Instantly Paste Verse via HotKey from MLV 2016. The link contains a brief step by step install of the automator service. Works with the MLV 2016 User Bible Module. Mac only 10 2/18/15 zip
LibreOffice Based Flashcards Daniel Semler A Windows and OSX compatible flashcard processing system, which uses LibreOffice Calc to process Accordance Analysis or Parsing output to produce import-ready flashcard data. Includes a workspace and user tool explaining the process. Windows and Mac 10 12/15/14 zip
AccordanceFlashcards Daniel Semler [UPDATED] An AppleScript app to generate Greek flashcard data for importing into flashcard applications. Mac only 10 7/31/14 zip
Accordance Services Oaktree A set of Apple services that automate some aspects of Accordance's interactions with third party apps through Apple services. This will only work with versions of Accordance 10.4.3 and higher Mac only 10.4.3 5/1/14 zip
Accordance File Type Fixer Joe Weaks Accordance tools and user modules can sometimes lose their resource fork identifying the file type, preventing them from being added to Accordance. This droplet allows you to recover those modules by reassigning what module type it is. Includes PPC and Intel versions. Check out more details at Joe's blog site. 8 10/17/12 zip
Accordance to Pages Citation Paster Joe Weaks This script overcomes a shortcoming in iWorks Pages which breaks Accordance's bibliographic footnote function. Posted with permission, check out more details at Joe's blog site. This is a zip format file. 8 10/17/12 zip
Accordance Services Collection Joe Weaks Instantly jump to Accordance from any other app running a search in any module type you want, using the current text selection or a search text you enter or alternatively, remain where you are in your current application and paste in a full text instantly, from whichever text-module you want, using a text selection or search text you enter, without ever bringing Accordance to the front. (This is similar to the Accordance Widget, but with seamless integration.) Other options include speaking text, copying it to the clipboard, and showing the text in a quick display. Posted with permission, check out more details at Joe's blog site. This is not fully supported in Accordance versions prior to v10, and will not work on the emulator version. This is a zip format file. 10 10/04/12 zip
Get Verse from Accordance Laurence Veinott Have you ever been working in your word processor and wanted to get a verse or passage (that you know the reference to — e.g. John 3:5) from the Accordance Bible program and paste it into your document? You have to go to Accordance, type in the reference for the verse or passage, press Return to get Accordance to find it, copy it to the clipboard, and return to your word processor and then paste it in. Have you ever wished that could be automated? If so this AppleScript could be for you. The way I have it set up on my computer, I type my verse reference, like Luke 5:1-5 into my Microsoft Word document, hit a keyboard shortcut, and the verses are almost immediately pasted into my Word document (without leaving Word). Updated for Snow Leopard. 8.0 Required 10/24/09 zip
Save Highlight Settings Joe Weaks This standalone application enables you to maintain multiple highlight settings files, each based upon a distinct highlighting scheme. (this is not necessary in Accordance after version 7) 5.0 Required 9/17/01 zip
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