Users of Accordance Bible Software can create and save a wide variety of resources which can be accessed again and again. This website is a place where Accordance users can share with one another the resources they develop. Click the icons above to download User Bibles, User Tools, User Notes, Highlight files, diagrams, syntax charts, saved Accordance windows, automation tools, and graphics.

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Thank you for your participation in this site, whether as a contributor or as a recipient of the resources made available here. It is our sincere hope that this site will be of benefit to Accordance users everywhere.

Additional resources for German users are available here, courtesy of Johannes Otto.

DISCLAIMER: All the files available for download from this site are believed to be in the public domain or freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. We will gladly remove any files for which this proves not to be the case.

Installation notes: most of the files on this website are compressed, either with Stuffit (.sit) or zip (.zip). They need to be unstuffed or unzipped before usage. The resulting file will be a module (if it's in User tools, User Bibles or User Notes) or a highlights file (.hlt). A module can be installed simply by double-clicking the module. Accordance will automatically copy and install the module in the correct place. A saved workspace can be double-clicked to open, but can be kept anywhere. Ideally it should be in the Accordance File folder in your Documents folder. The highlights file must be installed into the Accordance Preferences folder (in the Preferences folder of your home Library).
Newly posted files:
3/30/15Chrysostom's Paschal HomilyGreek and English text of John Chrysostom's Paschal HomilyTools
2/16/15"VersePasterXtreme MLV2016"Automator workflow to paste verse(s) via a hotkey from the MLV 2016 User BibleAutomation
2/16/15Modern Literal Version 2016The Open Source Modern Literal Translation of the Bible, 2016 version.Bibles
2/15/15The Idiot by Fyodor DostoyevskyA novel written by the 19th-century Russian author.Tools
2/13/15MLV ExtrasNotes and apparatus for the MLV 2014.Bibles
2/12/15NIV Parallel-UltimateParallels many of the NIV versions in a study workspace.Windows
2/12/15NLT Study Bible-UltimateAn extended version of the NLT Study Bible workspace.Windows
2/12/15NLT Bible StudyA workspace based around the New Living Translation.Windows
2/12/15Descartes' Discourse on MethodA philosophical and autobiographical treatise published by Descartes in 1637Tools
2/8/15Defoe's Robinson CrusoeThe famous novel by Daniel Defoe.Tools
2/8/15Didascalia ApostolorumA Christian treatise which belongs to the genre of the Church Orders.Tools
2/7/15Aesop's FablesA 1917 transation of Aesop's Fables.Tools
2/7/15Bierce's Owl Creek BridgeThe story, which is set during the Civil War, is famous for its irregular time sequence.Tools
2/7/15Luther's 95 Theses in Latin.The text of Luther's 95 Theses in Latin.Tools
2/7/15J.K. Jerome's Three men in a boatA humorous account by the English writer of a boating holiday on the Thames.Tools
1/16/15Poe's Tarr and FetherA dark comedic short story written by the American author, Edgar Allen Poe.Tools
12/15/14'Greek Psalms in a Year' scheduleThe 2015 schedule for the 'Greek Psalms in a Year" project.Tools
12/15/14LibreOffice Based FlashcardsMulti-platform flashcard processingAutomation
12/15/14Englische und Deutsche Verszählung (Aktualisiert)Hilfe für die Erstellung von deutschen Benutzer Bibeln. v1.1Documents
12/14/14'Greek in a Year' flashcard sets.Mental Case and Anki flashcards sets for the 'Greek in a Year' project.Documents
11/21/14A Greek PrimerA Greek Primer by Wallace StearnsTools
11/17/14Mini-dictionary for 11A session to create Heb and Grk vocab listsWorkspaces
11/11/14This is Spinal Tap scriptThe script of the movie. In celebration of Accordance 11.Tools
11/11/14Englische und Deutsche VerszählungHilfe für die Erstellung von deutschen Benutzer Bibeln.Documents
11/09/14Alliterated Sermon OutlinesButler's Alliterated Sermon OutlinesTools
NOTE: Most files are compressed as .zip.
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