Users of Accordance Bible Software can create and save a wide variety of resources which can be accessed again and again. This website is a place where Accordance users can share with one another the resources they develop. Click the icons above to download User Bibles, User Tools, User Notes, Highlight files, diagrams, syntax charts, saved Accordance windows, automation tools, and graphics.

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Thank you for your participation in this site, whether as a contributor or as a recipient of the resources made available here. It is our sincere hope that this site will be of benefit to Accordance users everywhere.

Additional resources for German users are available here, courtesy of Johannes Otto.

DISCLAIMER: All the files available for download from this site are believed to be in the public domain or freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. We will gladly remove any files for which this proves not to be the case.

Installation notes: most of the files on this website are compressed, either with Stuffit (.sit) or zip (.zip). They need to be unstuffed or unzipped before usage. The resulting file will be a module (if it's in User tools, User Bibles or User Notes) or a highlights file (.hlt).
A module can be installed simply by double-clicking the module.

Accordance will automatically copy and install the module in the correct place. A saved workspace can be double-clicked to open, but can be kept anywhere. Ideally it should be in the Accordance File folder in your Documents folder. The highlights file must be installed into the Accordance Preferences folder (in the Preferences folder of your home Library).
Newly posted files:
01/03/182018 Accordance Desktop WallpapersDesktop wallpaper for Macs, PCs and mobile devices.Graphics
08/14/17Accordance Keyboard ShortcutsA listing of all the Accordance 12 keyboard shortcuts.Documents
05/30/17Scripture for SeekersScripture For Seekers (S4S) is a NEW edition of Scripture. (also see accompanying notes in the notes section)Bibles
04/16/17Updated Search Ranges fileAn updated Search Ranges file for v12Highlights
03/04/17Messianic PropheciesScripture references to Messianic Prophecies.Tools
03/04/17Miracles of JesusScripture references to the miracles of JesusTools
12/14/16Luther-Bible 1912The Luther Bible of 1912.Bibles
12/14/16Menge German BibleThe Menge 1926 German translation of the Bible.Bibles
12/01/16Red Letter References in the GospelsThese are the references of all of words of Jesus in the Gospels.Workspaces
11/30/16Akathist HymnThe Akathist Hymn - a hymn by Gregory Petrov in 1940.Tools
11/20/16Accordance 12 Desktop WallpaperOfficial Accordance 12 wallpaperGraphics
09/12/16Luke, Hebrews and 2 Cor reading planA 2017 greek reading plan for Luke, Hebrews and 2nd CorinthiansWorkspaces
08/06/16OT Prophecies of Jesus300 OT prophecies about Jesus and their fulfilmentTools
07/17/16Tamil BibleA KJV Bible in TamilTools
07/05/16Daily Prayer JournalEditable personal prayer journal.Tools
05/28/16Aristotle's PoeticsHis treatise on poetic and literary theory in English.Tools
05/12/16La Sankto Biblio (Esperanto)An Esperanto user BibleBibles
04/07/16Kingdom Reading PlanA reading plan from Justin Taylor, posted on the Gospel Coalition website.Tools
02/29/16Hebrew Audio User NotesA User note file with links to a reading of the Hebrew BibleNotes
02/29/16Greek NT Audio User NotesA User note file with links to a reading of the Greek New TestamentNotes
02/29/16Latin NT Audio User NotesA User note file with links to a reading of the Latin New TestamentNotes
12/16/15Sample New User ToolNew User Tool sampleTools
12/16/15Sample New User NoteNew User Notes sampleNotes
11/16/15Unpointed Hebrew BibleUnpointed untagged Hebrew text of the WLC.Bibles
9/25/15Pope Francis' address to CongressAddress of Pope Francis to the United States CongressTools
8/05/15Search RangesUpdated search ranges file. Now includes Heb/AramHighlights
7/02/15The Lausanne CovenantText of the Lausanne Covenant as a User ToolDocuments
6/22/15Patched WINE for AccordanceA patched WINE for debian to Run Accordance 11.Automation
NOTE: Most files are compressed as .zip.
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