Installation notes: most of the files on this website are compressed, either with Stuffit (.sit) or zip (.zip). They need to be unstuffed or unzipped before usage. The resulting highlights file must be installed into the Accordance Preferences folder (in the Preferences folder of your home Library).
NOTE: Place these files in your user/Documents/Accordance files/Highlights folder in OS X, or Modules/Shared Highlights in Classic, and restart Accordance.
Parts of Speech Daniel C. Zylstra These highlights identify parts of speech and significant tags in the original languages. (BHS-W4, LXX1, LXX2 and GNT-T) 7.1 Required 12/11/07
Ranges David Lang A set of ranges for each book of the Bible. Replace the Search Ranges file in the Accordance Preferences folder (in user/Library/Preferences for OS X, Accordance folder for Classic). (To see the user/Library on Lion/Mountain Lion you can press option as you open the Go menu.) (You cannot access these Preferences easily for the AppStore version of Accordance 10.) 7.1 Required 9/14/07
Sources David Martyn Highlighting the Documentary Hypothesis for the book of Genesis 7.1 Required 9/14/07
Markers David Lang 10 styles for highlighting, no highlights are saved yet on this file. 7.1 Required 5/16/06
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